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Hypnotherapy For Fertility
Helping You To Find Your Path To Motherhood
Many Times, Women's Infertility Has Nothing To Do With Their Bodies Ability To Conceive A Baby,  
But Rather That Hidden Subconscious Blockings Have Turned Their Fertility OFF.
Ready To Welcome Your Child?

Is Fertility Alignment For You?

  • ​Are you searching for a loving man to have children with?
  • ​Have you gone through miscarriages?
  • ​Are you going through IVF?
  • ​Have you been diagnosed with unexplained infertility?
  • ​Do you have irregular, or no ovulation?

If You Answered "Yes" On Any Of These Questions Then...


If You Have A Subconscious Blockage That Makes You Out Of Alignment With Having A Child- You Won't  Get Pregnant

Finding The Root Cause And Fixing It- Instead Of Working With The Symptoms

In my work I often get reminded that “the problem is never the problem”. 

Many times a woman's infertility has nothing to do with her body's ability to conceive a baby, but with a limiting belief that is stopping her body to get pregnant. 

Imagine yourself trying to download an app to your phone- but for some reason it's just not working.

 Instead of keep trying with the results of just getting more frustrated- you can go into the phones settings and find out what setting has been disabling your phone from downloading this particular app.

By changing the settings you can effortlessly now effortlessly download the app. 

The same applies to your ability to get pregnant. 

Once you fix the “settings”- then you can create the amazing family life you've always dreamt of. 

 When Couples Come To See Me After Several Rounds Of Failing IVF´s We Have Been Able To Help Them Conceive- Just By The Powerful Knowledge In Making Their Subconscious Mind Turn The Fertility ON!

Why should you listen to me?

My name is Linda. 

After 5 years of infertility (due to ovulation problems) my life took a drastic turn when starting to deal with the root cause of the problem instead of focusing on the problem itself.

What do I mean by this?

Let me tell you, in 2012 I got married and like most others I expected to get pregnant straight away.

But that didn’t happen...
After years of testing everything from Chinese herbs, acupuncture, fertility massage, fertility meditation, fertility yoga, fertility foods, (fertility everything...)  I found the connection between the subconscious mind and our ability to get pregnant. 

Until that point- with all those other methods I had been focusing on my physical body and conscious mind. 

Knowing what I know now- it is clearly understandable why that didn't work. 

With The Help Of Hypnosis, I Started To Understand Some Uncomfortable Truths About The Infertility I Was Experiencing...

I was not in alignment with the intention I already as a small child had created for my future life as a mother.

Now as i am writing this text, I can even remember the exact day in the daycare when i was 3. 

I disliked being there so much so I told my mind 
"when I am a grown up and have my own children I will make sure that they never have to go to daycare"

This was nothing I did remember on a conscious level- but so did my genius subconscious- so well that it 
 did turn off my ability to get pregnant by stopping the ovulation to function!!! 
A summary of more of my intentions:
  • A Happy Family
  • Financial Freedom
  • Quality Time
  • ​Harmony

The Fastest Way For You To Get Pregnant

There are other methods out there promising you to get pregnant within 3 months or even just 3 sessions. But as a matter of fact- only your subconscious mind knows how fast your ride to motherhood is gonna be. 

What I can tell you for sure is that never have I experienced a woman who truly wanted to create a family who couldn't become a mother. 

It Only Comes Down To Two Things:

The Closer You Are- The Faster You Are Gonna Get Pregnant

When I Started All Of This 
On A Scale From 1 To 10, 
How Close To Alignment Was I To My Intention?


  • I was not happy (this was nothing that I was admitting to either myself or somebody else because I had a subconscious belief that in order to be lovable I needed to be happy at all times). So  guess, people back then would describe as a super happy person... But on the inside, I was emotionally dying...
  • I secretly drank alcohol almost every night to cover up the painful feelings I didn't wanna feel or knew how to handle
  • I had no sex drive and the baby making process felt more like self punishment rather than pleasure
  • ​​It didn't matter how hard I was working in my business- I just couldn't attract the right customers
  • ​I was feeling a constant stress around money (or, the lack of them...)
  • ​​Loneliness. Even though I did have people around me, I most of the time felt disconnected, energetically drained and misunderstood
  • ​My biggest dream (except from getting pregnant) was to be free and travel but my husbands work kept us stuck in the city we were living in
  • ​Most mornings I woke up wishing it would be evening so that I could cover the depression and frustration underneath a nice, warm blanket in front of a romantic comedy and a big bowl of popcorn

What Are Your Family Intentions?
And How Aligned Are You?

Getting Pregnant And Living Your Dream Life 
Together With Your Children 
Is Available To You

Do Not Settle For Less Than You Want

I Specifically Remember One Afternoon

 I was out walking for the third time that day (just attempting to get the day passing faster). 

It was the fourth day I had been home alone (my husband was out of town working) having no human interactions and I could feel myself starting to go desperate.
I forced myself to be a bit sociable by making a call to one of my childhood friends- just to get some kind of stimuli.

I Took A Deep Breath Of Faith

And made the decision to show myself vulnerable to my friend, scared that it would ruin my perfect, well-figured-out-facade of the successful woman I had made my persona to be. 

I told her about my feelings, how lonely I felt and the major feeling of powerlessness from not being able to conceive a baby.

Her answer to my call for help will probably stick with me forever...❤️

“Linda, Why Don't You Get A Dog?”

A DOG!!!? 

Your Baby Is Waiting For You

If you are right now reading these words, and you are truly looking for help to get pregnant...
 I will not tell you to get a dog to cover up for what you truly want. 

I will be with you on your path to becoming a mother! 

If you desire to be a mother- then the child you are meant to have is waiting for you! 

The only thing you need in order to have that happen is to declutter your subconscious mind and get in alignment with with your loving intentions.

Every Woman's Journey Is Different

You are on your journey, and I of course have been/are on my journey.

 We have different intentions for our future family life´s and have different paths to align with those intentions.

In 2016 I took my degree in Rapid Transformational Therapy. A hypnosis method that works with the subconscious mind, for rapid results.

I became obsessed in healing my own life, and curing what had been holding me back from getting pregnant and living my hearts-desire-life.

This Is When My Ovulation Magically Started To Function!!!

I will always remember that morning that I peed on the ovulation stick. 

For years I had been doing it with the same result:

What I had been doing differently tis cycle was to program my subconscious mind during 3 weeks, to produce healthy strong eggs, and voila! 
There it was!

I shouted out:

For The First Time In 5 Years- I Could See A Physical Result That Something Was Working!!!


But Still, I Didn't Get Pregnant  

-Instead My Life Fell Apart!

(Or, so i thought…)

The year after the positive ovulation test I was dedicated to understand what was going on. Why I was so out of alignment with my intentions.

In hypnosis we asked my subconscious mind why it did not accept motherhood into my life.
And soon I had the answers... 

Unconsciously I Had Been Creating My Reality To Match My Limiting Beliefs Which Had Nothing To Do With My Hearts Desires!

  • ​I was in the wrong relationship
  • ​I was in the wrong city
  • ​I was in the wrong business
  • ​I was living a life that wasn't "my life"
Thanks to the subconscious reprogramming of building up my self-love and confidence. 
I took a leap of faith, with a complete trust in the universe 

I ended the marriage and moved back to the city i was originally from.

Having A Child Is Available To You

I started developing my passion for helping women who also had troubles with getting pregnant. Because I now Knew- If I could help these women to: 

1 Understand what their limiting beliefs was, 

2 Remove those beliefs and 

3 Help them to align with their desire- 

Then they would be able to get pregnant and not having to go through the same pain as i had been experiencing.

I was amazed by the results we achieved with the help of their subconscious minds.

For some clients- the journey was really fast. 

Several times I received texts from women announcing their pregnancies after only our first call. 

For others the journey was longer. 

But what i did figure out was that- every woman who has the desire to be a mother can become a mother- one way or another.

Do Not Punish Yourself Any Longer By Watching The Women Around You Getting Pregnant.
Call Me To Pinpoint The Fastest Way For You To Welcome Your Beloved Child

For My Own Life I Was Now Really Confused

Did I Even Want Children?

One of the unpleasant facts that I, with the help of hypnosis had figured out, was that the subconscious reason I had been wanting children in the first place- was to experience unconditional love!!!

Let me tell you that when I did realise this, I was shocked!
Shocked and devastated.
Had I been trying to get pregnant for 5 years with the hidden intention of feeling unconditional love from my children?

This Is When I Understood:

The children are not meant to come into our lives to fill up an empty space!

We, as future parents have to fill that empty space first. To become whole in ourselves! 
Then welcome the children!

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Six Months After The Break Up

In a cafe, in the buzzling Stockholm city, 
a man walked into my life... 

It felt like the world just stopped. 
When he moved to my side of the table to show me something on my laptop and "accidentally" placed his arm upon my back, and it felt like my body temperature raised to at least 100 degrees, haha.

What was intended to just be a working afternoon in the cafe with a common friend of ours, 
Jonas and I ended up having a 14 hour date.

The fearful part of my brain thought I was crazy when I told this tall, handsome man about my belief in spirit babies, reincarnation and that I do communicate with the souls of my future children😅  
(but he must have liked my truth since he today is my partner of 2,5 years)

I also told him about my secret dream to move to Bali (during those depressed-popcorn-movie-nights I had been watching the movie "Eat Pray Love" at least 10 times. It used to give me hope ❤️). 

He answered; 
I've been in Bali before and I really wanna go back. 

It Is Not "Too Late"

We packed our lives in Sweden and moved to the other side of the world. 

This became a time of learning to live my life for me (and stop trying to make everybody else around me happy. Maybe you can relate to this phenomenon of people pleasing...?)

I worked on trying to fully understand who I am and what I want. 

I was now using birth control because the thought of getting pregnant at time felt rather uncomfortable than exciting. 

I started to understand what it means to prepare to become a parent- rather than just throwing ourselves into it just because the society says we should “before it is too late”.

After years of helping woman on their fertility journeys I know- there is no such thing as ”too late”.

It is about us getting ready, to align and creating a new baby life for the right reasons 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

How Aligned Are You With Your Future Family Intentions?

Getting Pregnant And Living Your Dream Life 
Together With Your Children 
Is Available To You!

You Will Get There

Our focus is to get you into alignment with your Mommy-life by:
Step One: 
Identify your conscious and subconscious intentions 

Step Two: 
Remove all hidden subconscious blockages that are right now creating that gap between you and your life as mother.


You start by booking a FREE Becoming-A-Mommy call. This call is about 20 minutes and will help us both to see if we are a good fit. 

After the call you will receive an email from me where I give you a detailed proposal for how the Fertility Alignment Method would work on your unique fertility journey

Then we are on the way. 

Helping you to welcome your child.

All of this from the comfort of your own home.

I only work with a few clients at the time to ensure the highest quality possible when guiding you on your journey to becoming a mother. 

Therefore it is of the highest interest that we are a good match. 

If You Are Fed Up With Techniques That....

  • Overpromise The Results
  • Sessions where you are being treated just like a number
  • Painful Treatments With Low Success Rates 
... then the Alignment Fertility Method is for you. 

This program is personalised after your specific needs and since we are working with your mind it is a 100% natural! 

I will hold your hand throughout your
 fertility journey ❤️ 

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I Asked One Of My Amazing Clients Who After Six Years Of Infertility Finally Conceived Her Baby, To Share Her Story With You ❤️

I contacted Linda for a “Free Introductory Call” with the intention to overcome infertility. 

I am 40 years old and have been struggling to conceive for nearly 6 years. My husband and I tried naturally at first without success, then moved onto IUI, IVF and finally Donor egg IVF. 

I had 6 treatments including 2 with donor eggs and every cycle had failed

 Throughout my infertility journey I developed severe depression, low self-esteem, gained weight due to the vast amount of medication I had to consume and also from comfort eating

My confidence and faith that my body could conceive were at an all-time low. 

My husband and I decided to take 1.5 years break from trying to conceive to try and regain some sense of normality in our lives and even consider living a life without children which was heartbreaking.

3 months ago I felt I had enough emotional strength to try again

My doctors had managed to overcome most of my physical issues causing infertility, but I knew I had some serious psychological blocks which may have very well contributed to the failure of both donor egg cycles. 

I have been studying the work of Marisa Peer and even read her book “Trying to get Pregnant and Succeeding”. 

I realised that I had to change my whole approach to getting pregnant and that my mind was playing a huge role in preventing my dream from manifesting

I was very fearful of failure again and felt Rapid Transformational Therapy sessions may help me overcome this.

From our very first meeting I felt a very strong connection with Linda. She is kind, caring, warm, friendly, highly skilled, intuitive and above all AUTHENTIC. 

She genuinely cares about her clients and has a strong desire to help others. This was apparent in her videos and also in her live sessions via video conferencing with me. 

I knew I had found the right therapist from the start !

My initial goals were to overcome blocks to infertility such as fear of failure, lack of self-esteem and how to manage stress during IVF. However, I was so surprised that during our sessions many childhood memories surfaced, which I had no idea had influenced me my whole life!

I was able to let go of deep rooted issues and fears I had been suppressing without realising. My first session was nothing short of profound, I felt a massive shift and cried a lot during the session and afterwards. 
The following 2 days I felt tired but in general much much lighter. 

I knew something magical had happened!

During subsequent sessions Linda helped me improve my confidence and to gain control of my eating habits which I am still working on but have noticed some improvements. I also care a lot less about what people think of me and feel more confident in large groups of people

I feel so much happier, lighter, more confident and calmer since working with Linda

I listened to Linda’s recordings daily and held a crystal clear image of my successful conception and pregnancy. I also tried to surround myself with children more as I had been avoiding them previously as was too emotionally painful.

My transfer went very well and I was thrilled to learn that my womb lining had increased from the usual 7mm to a lovely thick 12mm which has never happened before on any cycle!

 I also managed to stay calm throughout most of the 2 week wait which I am certain was due to Linda’s recordings and her support. 

I am thrilled to announce that I am now 6 weeks pregnant and today we were able to hear the baby’s heartbeat which was incredible and very emotional ! Sometimes I cannot even believe it after such a long infertility journey

I cannot recommend Linda enough. She is an incredibly skilled therapist with a tremendous gift of intuition. 

You will not regret working with her. 

I am so grateful to Linda for the wonderful gift of our beautiful healthy baby

For this I feel truly blessed. 

I am also grateful to you Linda for this fascinating journey in finding the “real me”. 
For the first time in 40 years I feel so excited about the future! 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
I wish you every success in your business as you truly deserve it. 

What Happened To My Fertility Journey?

After 2 years of bali-life we are now back in Sweden, 

Starting to feel ready to move into the next chapter of our lives.

The chapter of becoming parents to the kids that patiently have been waiting for us to get ready.

How Much In Fertility-Alignment Do I Feel Today?

A Solid 9! 😉

As a result Of Unlocking The Subconscious Beliefs That Had Created The Reality I was Living When  Told You That I Was One On The Alignment- Scale, 
I Now Have:

  • ​Freedom to work with my amazing future-mommy-clients from wherever in the world
  • ​Feeling passion and purpose in my life
  • ​Waking up in the mornings feelings excited about my upcoming day
  • ​Drinking alcohol only when i fancy the taste of it

The Thing I'm Working On Manifesting Right Now Is Our Family Home- Then I'll Be A 10

What Does Alignment Mean On Your Journey?

For some women, working on their relationships is a must in order for their baby to arrive.

For others it can be the ability to let go of a painful past.
In some cases it can even be about being able to leave a job that is stressing them out, and instead create a business they love (Just imagine what a great opportunity to take this step Before the baby arrives!).
With the help of hypnosis we will be able to figure out exactly what you need to have in place, in order to conceive your baby.
Down below you can read some of my beautiful clients testimonials to get a bigger understanding of what kind of results are available when working with the subconscious mind, and with the Alignment Fertility Method.

Hedivig, business owner

Best decision made! 

As many might be, I was a bit sceptical at first but after trying other kind of methods (both time and money consuming) I decided to try this. 

I have been afraid of flying since about 6 years back and once the plane is ready to take off I get these horrible panic attack It is not only thoughts about the plane crashing but my whole body responds physically with pressure over the chest, sweating and I sort of freeze. 

One session with Linda and that is long gone - I had a flight just days after our session and it was like riding the buss. 

I warmly recommend to go through with the session, 

Linda is a fantastically warm and vibrant person and I will definitely do it again in order to overcome other challenges that may come up in life.

Caroline, Therapist

Linda is a wonderful therapist! 

She helped me improve my relationships with people in specific situations where I felt stuck with no apparent reason. 

The session was very intense but I felt really secure with Linda always understanding how I felt and guiding me with kindness and intelligence. 

I was very impressed by the way she went back to the root of the problem and helped me release the emotion connected to it. 

It was such a relief... 

We did the session remotely and it worked a wonder. 

Thank you Linda!

Peter, Investor

Results are almost immediate and often very surprising. 

My life has gotten more joyful and positive and things have started to manifest around me on an almost daily basis.

It used to feel like I had a heavy backpack holding my back in life. Now I have been able to put it down thanks to Linda and her sharp sense and skills.

She will change a lot of lives out there!

Thank you Coach! Always looking forward to the next session now!

Now Is Your Time

Whatever has been standing in your way on your journey to becoming a mother...

Now is your time to solve it.

With the help of your subconscious mind you will no longer have to guess what to do. 

We will find out the root cause of the problem and fix it. So that you finally can welcome the child you are meant to have into your arms.  
Do not waste valuable time and money on “solutions” working on a physical or conscious level of your mind. 

Book your call today and pinpoint the fastest way for you to get pregnant.

Having A Child Is Available To You

Eva, business owner

Linda has an amazing ability to help. 

I was skeptical before the hypnosis but Linda made me feel safe by explaining what was going to happen. 

After the session, I have made much braver and better decisions in my business
Witch, of course, has a massive impact on the company's growth

Linus, heart helth coach

Linda has a really good energy and vibrant personality! 

Together with her awesome skills, she helps me connect with layers deep in my unconscious that need some upgrading. 

She also brings in a vibe that gives me a great feeling of safety and allows me to open up and be more vulnerable!

Thank you

Mona, hotel manager

Linda is such a vibrant, warm and uplifting person! 

She came in to my life when I least expected it, and introduced me to Rapid Transformational Therapy. 

I wanted to deeper understand my mental process and "made up" beliefs in the search of a worthy partner. 

She whole-heartedly helped me identify my limitations and boundaries and it really changed my view on things.

Her non judgemental approach is so genuine and I can highly recommend her to anyone who wants a change in their lives. 

Jess, graphic designer

I had heard about Rapid Transformational Therapy and it made sense to me that your subconscious is making decisions you're unaware of. 

I decided to try it for myself as I had wanted to try something different to help me achieve my goals

Before the session I couldn't have imagined what would come up. 

I was nervous how it would feel to be hypnotised but Linda made the whole experience very comfortable and created a very safe space

During the session she lead the process gently and made me feel understood and gave me so much insight. 

Immediately after the session I felt this sense of being free and lighter

 I chose Linda as I thought her website was welcoming and she seemed real and approachable and she didn't disappoint. 

I am a huge fan of RTT and I think that is down to my experience with Linda.

Claire, therapist 

This is Truly WONDERFUL, Linda - I am SO SO grateful to you for this incredible hypnotic recording you did for me and will now listen to it every day until my unconscious mind tells me what are the right choices to make

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this gift of love from you Linda.

Madde, journalist

I had lived with anxiety everyday in the last year, and felt it was taking over my life. 

That's when i contacted Linda. 
I was very sceptical since I had been to several other therapists before and seen no results. 

But, I decided to give it a try. 
It felt like my last chance.

Until now I've done 2 sessions and I already feel so much better! 

Some mornings I have even woken up feeling excited about my life

It now feels like a calmness has entered my life and I can feel like I can handle my thoughts and emotions so much better. 

If you deal with anxiety and feel ready to live a more free life, 
i would highly recommend Linda.   

Jessica, model

The past year I had several sessions with Linda. 

I wanted to shift in my life on personal growth and to live passionately and to be successful in my business

Linda coached me through several sessions and it had the most transforming effect on my life.

It helped me to make the hard decision to give up my relationship. 

But right after that I gained a wonderful relationship by meeting my soulmate, with who I have the most intimate and passionate relationship with.

This passion I feel going through my whole life. 
I feel fabulous and everyone tells me that I glow. 

So if you are looking for a life changer, 
I would highly recommend Linda, as she is such a warm and loving person and is extremely skilled in what she does. 

Thank you Linda, you have changed my life.

Janine, fitness expert

Linda is an outstanding hypnotherapist. 

I saw her for dyslexia, for my first session. My mind had blocked me from spelling, from when I was 8, and she freed that pent up tension that I could feel in my body. 

Now I can see words I need to spell, in a photographic memory way, as she installed new neural pathways. 

Thanks so much Linda, not only are you lovely, you are super professional and excellent.

I was so impressed with Linda, that I booked another session, to finally clear up my long term back pain. 

It was a revelation, that from my difficult upbringing and as I felt very different, my mind had taken painful emotions into my body, especially my back, preventing me from reaching too far, becoming even more different! 

I was very surprised at what my subconscious mind was saying, under hypnosis, as to the reason why I had this back pain for decades. 

I also had taken on the desire to remain invisible, and this was my subconscious staying away from emotional pain, now that desire has reduced and I feel much better.

Linda is a natural healer, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Faye, therapist

Linda is a fantastic therapist! 

Having struggled with a bridge phobia for many years, 

I can now not only cross bridges comfortably as a passenger, but I can drive across them myself!! 

This is a huge achievement for me and means I can take the most direct route to my destination as I don't have to avoid them anymore! 

I only had one session! 

I would certainly recommend her!​

David, coach

Absolutely loved my session with Linda! 

I am writing this directly after the session and I can already feel the difference, of empowerment and motivation.

Thank you so much Linda!!

I got my own brain GODDESS!!


Linda is a wonderful person and fantastic therapist! 

She has helped me to get rid of a bad food and sugar habit in one session!! 

I'm so happy, thank you Linda!​

Lena, Adoption advisor

Linda was sent to me by the universe. 

I had never heard of RTT before but she was telling me so enthusiastic about the results she has already achieved, that I knew I wanted to work with her. 

I have already done different types of therapy which helped for the moment but I´ve missed a long term effect.

So far I have done one session with Linda and I think she is a great therapist. 

She is very sensitive, smart and she just gets you. 

I felt very safe even though I was very nervous because I did not know how this would be like. 

She guided me very gently through the session and she has an awesome intuition.

I am very happy that I have met her and I am looking forward to the process.

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